Winter of 2018 is quickly settling in up here in Canada. With only a few days at -20 C so far, I consider myself pretty lucky! Since welcoming Colton “Crawdaddy” Crawford back into The Dead South, I have been staying busy gather firewood, converting a used sea can storage container into a studio, and upgrading my off-grid water and solar systems.

I have been working along side The Saskatchewan Arts Board in discussions surrounding Musician in Residency programs for Northern Saskatchewan communities. In January 2019 I will be heading to Stanley Mission, SK for 4 weeks to live and construct a music program designed specifically for the needs of this community. It will be my first time delving into a project like this, and I am both excited and nervous! While living there, I hope to learn how to bead, jig and become a beginner fiddler!

Within this residency, we are in need of instruments! I’m looking for guitars, banjos, mandolins, basses, drums, harmonicas, percussive instruments, strings, tuners, capos, microphones, amps, stands…etc. If you have any of these items kicking around gathering dust, please let me know! They will be put to amazingly good use, and I will keep you personally updated on the whereabouts of your gear, and the difference it is making in the lives of the northern folks of Saskatchewan!

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